Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful for having a great family

Not that I was broken, but the stitches from where I was fixed are healing nicely and I hope to have fur on my belly again soon.

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday back in my hometown of Petersburg, VA. It took some readjustments at first to the other dogs there. I didn't really care too much for the kibble they were trying to serve me. I enjoyed the treats and what I really enjoyed was Thanksgiving dinner with the Turkey gravy.

I am still unable to do more than 6 stairs so I had to be carried up the stairs and down again every time I needed to go out. I was getting into trouble the first night, so I had to sleep in my bed with the door while I was here.

I had a very nice time, and look forward to my future visits.

Here is a couple of pictures from my trip:

Me hoping for some turkey.

Me enjoying the nice weather in front of the...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 15 at the New House

Well I have new pictures.  The first two are of me...don't I look fabu?   Notice the hair.  Perfectly wind blown--just like Farrah Fawcett.  Then come pictures of the silent soul stealer called Owie (who thinks up these names?); the Whippett, Tia; and the black and tan coon house, Woofie (more like wimpy if you ask me).  The blog only allows so many pictures to download at one time, so I will post the source of the cat truffels and cat food later (that's the only thing they are good for since they both constantly hiss at me).  Life in the new homestead is turning out to be pretty good, especially since I can use the cuteness factor to get snacks and some human food.  I really like pizza bones, but the competition for them is fierce with the tippett (Tia and Whippett-I don't think these things up--the humans do.).  I also always show up when the refridgerator door opens and beg (oh such a shaming experience) for cheese, of which I occasionally get a piece.  I had the horrible experience of getting wormed again by the vet for tape worms (2nd time), hopefully this will clear them up for a while.  I like going out for walks with the woman, but I don't like the back yard which the other dogs just love.  I have found out there is a fifth dog in this house.  He is hidden in the front room and he thinks he is Chinese Royalty from the conversations I pick up.  I will have to investigate this more fully.

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 11

What is going on here?  Is this some kind of pet refuge or boarding house.  My new mom spent my walk yesterday rescuing some pitbull mix from an entangled leash and water hose nextdoor, and now some very quiet whippet moves in and gets prime bed space with the people.  I don't get it.  I'm the cute one with the smile, the walk, and the gorgeous hair like Prince Charming in Shrek.  I see the people have a copy of that DVD and I will get to watch it again, if I can figure out how to get up to the DVD--actually the other cat sits on the DVD all of the time trying to avoid us canines, maybe I can get her to cooperate on this venture when the people are out.  

The flea problem at the new house is not good.  Too many wild cats in the neighborhood and they spread the fleas around.  I don't get to spend much time outside yet, but after I get my worm problem cleared up, I will patrol the yard, which is nicely fenced in, and rid us of those pesky felines.  (It's bad enough having two of them in the house--but I do like their catfood).

Things are getting better with the black and tan; however, let me say it is toleration not buddies.  He is just too limited and loud. Oh that's right he's a male.  And the shelty mix still stares and says nothing.  I watched her stare down the black and tan the otherday until he got totally flustered and moved away from his chewbone and she got it.  She has real stealth moves which I must study.  The Shelty howls when the fire truck passes and only barks if outside or when the mailman comes to the porch.  

I got the man to give me a piece of cheese yesterday, when I stood in the kitchen and played it extra cute.  Ah--human food.  Do they know what kibble tastes like and why we prefer human food?

Until the next post.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day Seven at the new home

Gretel has established that she is the boss.  She may be little but she sure is tough.  It took five days to put that altered male black and tan coon hound in his (it's) but It sure happened last night. The other dog-a cowering furball of a mixed breed sheltie all black--is so timid--except for the vacant stare.  The humans here are another matter.  Gretel still jumps all over him and slobbers, so Gretel still gets her way.  Don't like sleeping in the carrier is just plain gouche and And I still prefer human food.  The catfood on the bathroom sink is great--I only can get to it when the cat accidentally pushes the dish forward on the ledge.  Remember I am vertically challenged.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

and the first round goes to the pretty small dog

Well, things are settling down here at my new house. The Telepath is not so bad. She and I are becoming friends, but I am careful of eye contact, what with her attempted soul-stealing. She likes to play with me.

The Loud Boy has learned to back off. I sure told him. He was all up in my grill with the barking, and I showed my teeth at him and may or may not have grazed his legs with said teeth. I am a pretty small dog, so I get my moves in low. I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, Loud Boy.

I heard the lady's mom telling the lady on the phone that she thinks he is kinda scared of me now. Sweet. Don't mess with me, Loud Boy. I may be a pretty small dog, but I am from the streets. Word.

The cats are still hiding up high from me. I think one of them may have a slow leak, cause there's been a lot of hissing coming from it, but I can't get close enough to properly inspect.

I spend a lot of time keeping the people company. The Lady's Aunt is very nice, and I think I can learn to use some of The Telepath's mind powers on her to convince her to give me even more treats. That Telepath is on to something.

The lady's Dad is going to help me take pictures and post them very soon. I need to go get ready for my close up.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the pack

Hello. This is Midrash (aka: Little M, princess, the baby, and occasionally Marrakesh) I thought you'd like to see my glamour shot.

These are my big sisters, 'Sophy and Dogma.

These are the cats, Snowball II and Potato. I am mostly afraid of them, but I love to eat out of their box. That is expressly forbidden, so I have to really book it when the door is open to get to forage for cat truffles.

In addition to cat truffles, I like garbage found in the park, especially chicken bones dropped from people eating Church's chicken. I have to chew really fast before Mom and Dad can hold my mouth open and shake my head.

It was a little easier to get those bones when Gretel was here, since walking four dogs preoccupied Mom and Dad.

Busy times for a pretty small dog

Well, I have been very busy lately, particularly for a pretty small dog. I am enjoying my time with the Lady's parents, as they are very generous with treats and attention. They were a little concerned yesterday about my, ahem, worm poops, but the Lady assured them it was just because the medicines from Dr. Jones were working.

I made up for my gross worm poops by being very cute for the Lady's parents and helping them in all sorts of ways, like fluffing up their dirty laundry. Fluffing laundry about a room gently with one's teeth airs it out and makes it fluffy like fabric softener. I aim for distance and have managed to spread it out quite nicely.

The pack here is very loud. Oh my goodness, The Loud Boy barks at me so much. The other one doesn't bother as much with barking as she is a telepath and works with mind tricks. I've got my eye on her, as I believe she is trying to steal my soul.

It's a good thing the Lady's parents have a box for me to hide in. At first I was not too keen on the box, since it kept me from many tasks at hand that could have been seen to while the Lady's Parents were out of the house, like Laundry Fluffing and cleaning off the very high counters and chewing stuff. However, The Box keeps me safe from The Loud Boy and The Telepath, and I have my toy in it, so it is safe from them too. Especially the Telepath. She is a toy huntress and guts toys mercilessly.

So I am busy with my chores to help around the house and also with showing my teeth, so The Loud Boy knows I can't be pushed around and The Telepath doesn't steal my soul.

Next post I'll tell you about the cats. I haven't seen them much because they have stayed very high up, much higher than a pretty small dog can see.