Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the pack

Hello. This is Midrash (aka: Little M, princess, the baby, and occasionally Marrakesh) I thought you'd like to see my glamour shot.

These are my big sisters, 'Sophy and Dogma.

These are the cats, Snowball II and Potato. I am mostly afraid of them, but I love to eat out of their box. That is expressly forbidden, so I have to really book it when the door is open to get to forage for cat truffles.

In addition to cat truffles, I like garbage found in the park, especially chicken bones dropped from people eating Church's chicken. I have to chew really fast before Mom and Dad can hold my mouth open and shake my head.

It was a little easier to get those bones when Gretel was here, since walking four dogs preoccupied Mom and Dad.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Sr. Panza is going to pin up Marrakesh's glamour shot in his crate. He'll be drooling all day!