Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 15 at the New House

Well I have new pictures.  The first two are of me...don't I look fabu?   Notice the hair.  Perfectly wind blown--just like Farrah Fawcett.  Then come pictures of the silent soul stealer called Owie (who thinks up these names?); the Whippett, Tia; and the black and tan coon house, Woofie (more like wimpy if you ask me).  The blog only allows so many pictures to download at one time, so I will post the source of the cat truffels and cat food later (that's the only thing they are good for since they both constantly hiss at me).  Life in the new homestead is turning out to be pretty good, especially since I can use the cuteness factor to get snacks and some human food.  I really like pizza bones, but the competition for them is fierce with the tippett (Tia and Whippett-I don't think these things up--the humans do.).  I also always show up when the refridgerator door opens and beg (oh such a shaming experience) for cheese, of which I occasionally get a piece.  I had the horrible experience of getting wormed again by the vet for tape worms (2nd time), hopefully this will clear them up for a while.  I like going out for walks with the woman, but I don't like the back yard which the other dogs just love.  I have found out there is a fifth dog in this house.  He is hidden in the front room and he thinks he is Chinese Royalty from the conversations I pick up.  I will have to investigate this more fully.

Until next time....