Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy times for a pretty small dog

Well, I have been very busy lately, particularly for a pretty small dog. I am enjoying my time with the Lady's parents, as they are very generous with treats and attention. They were a little concerned yesterday about my, ahem, worm poops, but the Lady assured them it was just because the medicines from Dr. Jones were working.

I made up for my gross worm poops by being very cute for the Lady's parents and helping them in all sorts of ways, like fluffing up their dirty laundry. Fluffing laundry about a room gently with one's teeth airs it out and makes it fluffy like fabric softener. I aim for distance and have managed to spread it out quite nicely.

The pack here is very loud. Oh my goodness, The Loud Boy barks at me so much. The other one doesn't bother as much with barking as she is a telepath and works with mind tricks. I've got my eye on her, as I believe she is trying to steal my soul.

It's a good thing the Lady's parents have a box for me to hide in. At first I was not too keen on the box, since it kept me from many tasks at hand that could have been seen to while the Lady's Parents were out of the house, like Laundry Fluffing and cleaning off the very high counters and chewing stuff. However, The Box keeps me safe from The Loud Boy and The Telepath, and I have my toy in it, so it is safe from them too. Especially the Telepath. She is a toy huntress and guts toys mercilessly.

So I am busy with my chores to help around the house and also with showing my teeth, so The Loud Boy knows I can't be pushed around and The Telepath doesn't steal my soul.

Next post I'll tell you about the cats. I haven't seen them much because they have stayed very high up, much higher than a pretty small dog can see.

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Trava said...

Keep up the good work.