Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 11

What is going on here?  Is this some kind of pet refuge or boarding house.  My new mom spent my walk yesterday rescuing some pitbull mix from an entangled leash and water hose nextdoor, and now some very quiet whippet moves in and gets prime bed space with the people.  I don't get it.  I'm the cute one with the smile, the walk, and the gorgeous hair like Prince Charming in Shrek.  I see the people have a copy of that DVD and I will get to watch it again, if I can figure out how to get up to the DVD--actually the other cat sits on the DVD all of the time trying to avoid us canines, maybe I can get her to cooperate on this venture when the people are out.  

The flea problem at the new house is not good.  Too many wild cats in the neighborhood and they spread the fleas around.  I don't get to spend much time outside yet, but after I get my worm problem cleared up, I will patrol the yard, which is nicely fenced in, and rid us of those pesky felines.  (It's bad enough having two of them in the house--but I do like their catfood).

Things are getting better with the black and tan; however, let me say it is toleration not buddies.  He is just too limited and loud. Oh that's right he's a male.  And the shelty mix still stares and says nothing.  I watched her stare down the black and tan the otherday until he got totally flustered and moved away from his chewbone and she got it.  She has real stealth moves which I must study.  The Shelty howls when the fire truck passes and only barks if outside or when the mailman comes to the porch.  

I got the man to give me a piece of cheese yesterday, when I stood in the kitchen and played it extra cute.  Ah--human food.  Do they know what kibble tastes like and why we prefer human food?

Until the next post.

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