Thursday, September 13, 2007

and the first round goes to the pretty small dog

Well, things are settling down here at my new house. The Telepath is not so bad. She and I are becoming friends, but I am careful of eye contact, what with her attempted soul-stealing. She likes to play with me.

The Loud Boy has learned to back off. I sure told him. He was all up in my grill with the barking, and I showed my teeth at him and may or may not have grazed his legs with said teeth. I am a pretty small dog, so I get my moves in low. I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, Loud Boy.

I heard the lady's mom telling the lady on the phone that she thinks he is kinda scared of me now. Sweet. Don't mess with me, Loud Boy. I may be a pretty small dog, but I am from the streets. Word.

The cats are still hiding up high from me. I think one of them may have a slow leak, cause there's been a lot of hissing coming from it, but I can't get close enough to properly inspect.

I spend a lot of time keeping the people company. The Lady's Aunt is very nice, and I think I can learn to use some of The Telepath's mind powers on her to convince her to give me even more treats. That Telepath is on to something.

The lady's Dad is going to help me take pictures and post them very soon. I need to go get ready for my close up.

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